silent disco at home

Dance in the garden, in the kitchen and without upsetting the neighbours


  • 12 Headphones
  • Weekend Hire
  • Free Delivery & Collection

Our awesome Summer House Party package brings the Silent Disco headphones to your back garden this Summer, and includes an 12 of our awesome flashing LED headphones, two transmitters, alongside the cables to plug in your devices, so all you need to create your Silent Disco experience is the music and the dancers!

This package has been designed for COVID-19, with new measures in how we deliver and collect the equipment from you. All headphones will be cleaned thoroughly prior to delivery. Please ensure that you follow all social distancing and government guidelines, and follow our instructions on returning your headphones to us safely, protecting you and our staff.

Only £60.00



Donkey Front
add a third transmitter

Why not upgrade your Silent Disco package and give your guests the option of a third channel to dance to, or you could even plug it into the aux cable on your TV and have the football on the third channel. The possiblities are endless.

add a battery powered transmitter

Perfect for Glamping weekends, Garden Parties or fitness classes, our battery powered transmitters come fully charged with a 7 hour battery life and a 50 metre range, allowing you to have a Silent Disco with no power source whatsoever. These awesome beltpack transmitters also come with an awesome chord microphone.

Max Partybar
add an led lighting bar

Create the ultimate House or Garden Party with our high-intensity LED Par Bar. Whether it’s to provide some light in the garden as a static colour or create a nightclub in the living room, our LED Lighting Bars provide just the solution at a spectacular price. Battery Operated models are also in stock for Garden Parties.

16:01 - Mood Cubes
add some led mood cubes

Perfect for use as seats for those additional guests, as tables or just decoration, these provide the perfect addition to your House or Garden Party. These can be remote controlled and set to any colour you wish, or alternatively placed on a fast or slow colour blend. They are battery operated so perfect for the garden.

Beamz Smoke Machine
add a Smoke machine

Our smoke machine is perfect for adding special effects to your Garden Party or House Party, showing up the light beams and creating the ultimate nightclub in your own home. Each hire comes with a full 500ml tank of fluid to get your party started.

ADJ Bubbletron
add a bubble machine

Our bubble machine is perfect for adding special effects to your Garden Party and keeping the kids entertained. Our incredibly powerful Bubble Machine creates hundreds of bubbles per minute with a high velocity fan throwing the bubbles into the air. Each hire also comes with a 1L bottle of bubble fluid.


  • 12 x Awesome flashing LED headphones
    These are the exact same headphones you’ll find us using at the Isle of Wight Festival, on board the Wightlink ferries and at the top of the Emirates Spinnaker Tower and British Airways i360 in Brighton.

  • 2 x Channel Transmitters

    Have 2 different channels of music playing through your awesome Silent Disco headphones at the same time. This means the grandparents can listen to the music from their youth, whilst the kids of today can rave to Taylor Swift! Why not upgrade to three of our awesome transmitters and have three channels playing?!

  • Cables

    We’ll also make sure you’ve got all of those essential cables needed to connect your audio devices into our transmitters. The transmitters simply connect to your devices via the headphone jack, so make sure the volumes turned up, and then they transmit the audio to your headphones, so if you’ve got a fancy iPhone or a USB-C adaptor, make sure you’ve got these adaptors handy as we don’t supply these unfortunately!

To order simply click the ‘Book Now’ button above or drop us an email to Alternatively, you can give our friendly team a call on 0800 047 8551.

Although our Summer House Party Package was initially designed for our Isle of Wight customers, this is now available for delivery anywhere in the UK, however unfortunately this is subject to a £20.00 delivery and collection charge.

We’d like our customers to get the most out of their Silent Disco headphones whilst on hire to us, so have calculated the hire on 6 for each day of your hire. The battery life on the headphones is 8-12 hours.

Although our current cleaning methods meet all of the Covid-19 guidelines, extra measures are being taken. All of our operatives have worn PPE whilst charging, cleaning and packaging your delivery, and some guidelines to the safe use of the equipment and returning your headphones to us is provided with your package.

Headphones will be delivered across the Island on the Friday of your hire and collected on Monday. This is a social distanced delivery and collection. Upon deliver, our driver will ring your doorbell, place the box outside your door and then step back from the door. Instructions on our collection will be in the box.

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  • 12 Headphones
  • Weekend Hire
  • Free Delivery & Collection