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Create the most talked about Wedding Reception of the Summer whilst keeping all of your guests entertained at the same time with a Silent Disco.


We know the worry of booking a DJ, will he entertain everyone at the same time? Will my guests get bored? As Wedding DJ’s ourselves we’ve worked hard to develop a solution.


We offer a range of Silent Disco packages for your Wedding Day  with the aim to suit all budgets and requirements. 


Read on below for reasons why you should consider a Silent Disco as the perfect close to your Wedding Day.

Complete Variety of Music

Weddings always attract the widest variety of guests, and whilst a Professional DJ will cater for all of these needs, he can't at the same time. Our headphones allow up to three songs to be selected at any one time.

No Need to Shout

We've all left a party with a sore throat because we've been shouting to be heard. The Silent Disco concept is brilliant, because those that don't want the loud music can simply take off their headphones and have a conversation.
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No More Noise Restrictions

Many Wedding Venues across the Isle of Wight and Hampshire have strict noise curfews meaning the party often has to finish earlier than you'd like. A Silent Disco is perfect for those venues, and can allow your party to go on even later.

Spectacular Range

We all know that feeling of going to the bar in another room and missing your favourite tune. Our headphones have a range of over 100m so wherever you go in the venue, you can take the music with you.
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We custom build every package based on your needs and your budget. Just let us know the information below, and we’ll have a no-obligation quotation in your inbox within 24 hours.

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Here are some of the most common questions, along with the answers. If you can’t find your question, just get in touch.

This is completely dependent on your requirements, however our prices start at just £120. All of our prices are transparent and the price we give you is exactly what you will pay, with no hidden costs. For a fully tailored, no obligation quotation, please fill out the form above and we’ll be in touch. 

Yes, you will be required to pay a 25% deposit when booking your Silent Disco to secure your booking in the diary. The remaining balance is then due prior to dispatch of your headphones.

Dry Hire means you simply hire the equipment needed for your Silent Disco, just the headphones, transmitters and the leads to plug and play. These are then delivered by courier the day before your party starts and collected either the following day or the Monday after your party/event.

Yes, we will supply you with the leads required to connect your devices to our transmitters, as well as a lead for your DJ to connect his equipment to.

Dry Hire means that the Silent Disco headphones will be dropped off and collected by our courier or one of team. You will be receive a message with a one hour delivery so you can ensure that you can ensure someone is in.

Simply fill out the form above or email hello@hushsilentdisco.co.uk. Alternatively give us a call on 023 9229 9364.

That depends if you want to entertain all of your guests at the same time, allow the older guests to tune in and out of the music, and provide a fun and exciting Wedding experience. The team at HUSH Silent Disco are also professional Wedding DJ’s, alongside lighting and entertainment specialists.

In the box with your headphones and transmitters, you will find an instruction manual, which will also be emailed to you prior to the event, but if you get stuck, don’t panic, we have an our of hours technical line.

Our headphones are suitable for the entire family. The headphones are fully adjustable, lightweight and are padded for comfort. The volume is also adjustable.

The battery life on the headphones is around 8 hours, and all headphones will arrive fully charged so you can enjoy the Silent Disco experience all night long.

Our LED Silent Disco headphones are heavy duty and designed to withstand commercial use, however if you break or damage a pair of Silent Disco headphones beyond repair or lose any headphones, this will be chargeable.

Yes, unfortunately the headphones require a power supply to operate, however the headphones will come fully charged and last the duration of your event.

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