DRY Hire or full silent disco experience packages for your



You provide the music and we’ll provide the box that contains everything required to transform your party into a Silent Disco. The headphones we use are top of the range, comfortable and offer two of three channels simultaneously, to ensure none of your guests can be left disappointed.



Dry Hire packages are perfect when the budget doesn’t quite stretch to having two or three DJ’s, or if you’re a little bit too far from where we operate.



Our Dry Hire packages can be dropped to your front door the day before your party and collected the following day. Simply let us know how many headphones you need, how many channels, when you need them and we’ll send you a no obligation quote. It’s that simple.



If you’re looking to go that extra mile with your party, Hush Silent Disco Company can provide a full package. 

We can provide as many headphones as you require, a friendly operator to hand these to your guests and show them how they work, two of three DJ’s to battle it out and entertain your guests all night long, as well as a spectacular light show to transform your venue into a Silent Nightclub experience.


We’ve also got many friends with dance floors, stages, photobooths, marquees and more, so with our partner companies can assist with your event, no matter how big or small.



Complete Variety of Music

Weddings always attract the widest variety of guests, and whilst a Professional DJ will cater for all of these needs, he can't at the same time. Our headphones allow up to three songs to be selected at any one time.

No Need to Shout

We've all left a party with a sore throat because we've been shouting to be heard. The Silent Disco concept is brilliant, because those that don't want the loud music can simply take off their headphones and have a conversation.
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No More Noise Restrictions

Many Wedding Venues across the Isle of Wight and Hampshire have strict noise curfews meaning the party often has to finish earlier than you'd like. A Silent Disco is perfect for those venues, and can allow your party to go on even later.

Spectacular Range

We all know that feeling of going to the bar in another room and missing your favourite tune. Our headphones have a range of over 100m so wherever you go in the venue, you can take the music with you.
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