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terms and conditions of hire

hush silent disco company

You (The Customer) are entering into an agreement with Hush Silent Disco Company (We). The following document sets out our terms and conditions of hire that you are agreeing to when using our hire services. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service, and therefore set out what is expected of us, as well as you.


1) Hush Silent Disco Company want your event to be a success, and for you to have a brilliant experience working with us. We ensure that we are fair and reasonable, provide transparent contact information for you and ensure that we are available if you need us.

2) We test all equipment provided to you, and will ensure that it is provided to you on the dates that you order.

3) Your equipment will include spares meaning that the numbers in the box may differ from what you have ordered from us. By hiring our equipment, you are agreeing to check and count the equipment upon arrival and advise us of the quantities received. In the absence of this, our records will stand as the true and accurate quantities dispatched to you.

4) Hush Silent Disco Company checks and maintains all equipment thoroughly, however in the eventuality that damage occurs in transit or dispatch, you will not be charged for any equipment that doesn’t work on arrival. In order to diagnose this, please report this to us immediately and before the start of your event. Please mark affected equipment clearly before returning (by placing a sticker on the equipment or placing in a labelled plastic bag). In the event of a dry hire where you do not familiarize yourself with our equipment and test it before your event, please be advised that our scope for assisting you is more limited and we cannot offer a refund in these circumstances.

5) In the unlikely event of equipment variation or failure, provided your event can still take place with the equipment supplied this agreement will remain.

6) We supply and host many events in a variety of locations; We are happy to advise you and demonstrate our equipment in advance, for example, where you may wish to check the coverage range, audio connection, interreference or any requirements specific to your event. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the equipment supplied is suitable for your specific purposes.

7) We will always do everything reasonably possible to honour your booking. In the unlikely event we have to cancel or vary your booking, howsoever caused, the maximum liability of Hush Silent Disco Company will be the return of any fees paid in lieu of unused equipment.

8) Should you wish to change or vary your booking, we will endeavour to accommodate this at any time. If the cancellation occurs within 14 days of an event, a cancellation fee of 50% (of total invoice) applies. If cancellation is within 72 hours of an event, a cancellation fee of 100% applies.

9) A 25% deposit is required to secure your booking with us, and our standard policy is that full payment is made before dispatch. This applies unless otherwise agreed. In any event you agree to pay all monies due within 28 days of your event. Where legal action is required to pursue unpaid debts, you agree to meet all costs including solicitor fees and court costs, even if settlement is reached before the hearing. We are entitled to claim 8% interest pro rata on any late payment.

10) By hiring our equipment, you are agreeing to arrange access, and be contactable and available for delivery and collection.

11) You agree to have all equipment ready for collection on the agreed day set out when the order is confirmed. Missed collections are liable to be charged an additional night’s hire fee for every day collection is delayed, as well as the price of any missed collections and extra costs in recovering equipment.

loss or damage to equipment

12) By hiring equipment from Hush Silent Disco, you agree to treat the equipment well and return it in the condition it was provided.

13) You agree to store the equipment securely and be responsible for it and the way it is used until It is collected from you.

14) Loss or damage:

i) We recommend that you check and count the quantity of equipment prior to collection, and advise us of the number by email. We are not able to engage in disputes about quantities where this step has not been followed. Our count, inventory and decision regarding missing equipment and discrepancies is final.

ii) You are advised to ensure the equipment is properly packaged and sealed in containers prior to return.

iii) If any headphones or other equipment are missing or severely damaged (beyond repair) you are agreeing to pay Hush Silent Disco Company the replacement costs at the following rates: Headphones £35; Donkey Transmitters £60; Parakeet (Battery) Transmitters £180 each; Charge Packs/Storage Containers £30 each, Microphones – £30; Other equipment (including DJ equipment, lighting, loudspeakers etc) will. Be charged at standard new RRP for the same or equivalent replacement.


15) Collections

i) It is the customers responsibility to ensure that Silent Disco headphones are collected as agreed and scheduled, even if to be collected from a third party (for example: left in venue). It is your responsibility to ensure that the box is secured using the Cable Ties provided and the return address label is stuck to the box securely.

ii) An additional day’s hire charge will be applied for every day that collection is delayed as a result of missed collection.

16) In the unlikely event of a major incident affecting the Silent Disco headphones including, but not limited to: fire, theft and flood, please ensure that you inform us as soon as possible as this may affect future bookings we have in the diary. You must also inform your insurance company alongside relevant authorities such as the police, and provide us with this information.

17) We reserve the right to claim for any other losses resulting from unreasonable loss or damage, or major incidents, including, but not limited to, time and expense, and loss of revenue.


18) The issue of this contract confirms your intention to book, and together with the invoice or quotation provided, outlines the agreement you have made with Hush Silent Disco Company. You are deemed to have accepted it after 7 days, or on delivery of headphones, whichever is sooner.